Why the "Adventures"

are so Valuable

Learning the skills provided in the “Adventures” will help a child deal with “Issues” that are occurring presently as well as teaching them to effectively cope with “Issues” that will occur in the future.


As an adult, think about how different your life could be if you would have been able to learn effective skills to deal with these “Issues” when you were a child.


You are able to click on our “Issues” and learn a little about how they are seen throughout the “Adventures”. You will notice that there are stories appropriate for almost any age. As you look at the different issues, you will notice overlap of stories, because most stories illustrate and address more than one “Issue”


We list a school grade range for the stories but you should also select the stories based on your evaluation of the child's (children’s) “Issue” and ability to comprehend and use the material provided.


We provide a selection “Issues” and stories that provide guidance in understanding and dealing with those “Issues”. You will find that these story will have the flexibility to address many concerns and will be useful for just about anyone.