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Trying Medal

The Trying Medal


Sometimes a “trick” is more valuable than all the fussing, punishing and begging we do to try and change certain behaviors. The skill your child will learn in this fable is one of the greatest you can give them.

This fable is designed to encourage adults to move away from an obsession for perfection to an obsession for trying. In some cultures, particularly those with high academic achievement, there is more emphases on patience and persistence than on quick success.


This fable is addressing the childhood Stinky Thinking of  “I am bad if I make a mistake”. Encourage and reward your children for their willingness to “try and try again”. This fable helps you by insuring that your child is “Doing my best” as they look forward to receiving “The Trying Medal”. 


This story is available as a full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”