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Timmy timeout

Timmy Timeout 

Putting a new twist on an old strategy can have some very valuable results. This fable will teach both children and adults about how being a “Timmy Timeout” can be a good thing.
This fable is about using a common “punishment” in a new and more effective way. “Timeout” is seen as preferable to physical punishment but with this fable, you will be able to use this technique to help your children develop some “Good Thinking” skills. In this fable, Cosmos misbehaves and has to go into crow Time Out and thus becomes a “Timmy Timeout”. 
While in Time Out, he must consider why he is in Time Out, what was his thinking that caused this to happen and what can he do differently the next time something similar happens to avoid becoming a Timmy Timeout. 

If may sound complicated but it really isn’t. But if you don’t use our “Timmy Timeout” concept, you will be missing a great opportunity to help your child learn how to evaluate situations, consider alternatives and select the best alternative for the situation. Sounds like something even adults could use.

This fable is available as full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”