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Three Amigo Crows

The Three Amigo Crows 

“Being different” in this fable is a good thing. As you teach your child how to deal effectively with life problems, they will recognize that they are “different” from many of their peers.
Remaining calm and figuring out your best course of action in a problem situation will generate a lot more success than being very angry or very sad. 
Many of us react to difficult situations and disappointments the same way over and over again. In our fable, three young crows experience the same disappointment but each reacts differently. Two of the young crows have the typical “Stinky Thinking” response to their disappointment and go home hungry and upset. 
The third young crow is able to use her “Good Thinking,” plan as the best way to deal with her disappointment and then follow through with her plan. The coping skills she demonstrates allows her to be successful in a difficult situation. These are skills that will help your children do the same.

This fable is available as full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”