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The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaur


The theme of this fable is so important that it is offered for even the youngest children. You have choices about how you think, feel and behave. Good choices and you get to be the “Last Dinosaur”. Poor choices and you are “extinct”. 

Learning that your thinking determines your emotions and behaviors is a skill to learn early in life and is taught by “The Last Dinosaur”.  

That “Stinky Thinking” will lead to "Not OK" emotions and "Thumbs Down" behaviors is an extremely important concept to be understood by children and adults. If your thinking is “Good” (makes sense in the situation), then you will be able to evaluate options when confronted with a "threatening" situation because your emotions are "OK" and your behaviors will be "Thumbs Up." 

Your children will see that the “stinky thinking” of the “Mad Dinosaurs” and “Sad Dinosaurs” cause others to not want to be around them and they became extinct. The “Glad Dinosaurs” by contrast, had “good thinking” that caused others to like to be around them (because of good social skills) and that is why they are still with us today and are the “Last Dinosaur”. 


This story is available as a full color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”