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Skillet Man

The Skillet Man 

Life will provide your children with many opportunities. But to take advantage of them, they will need skills that don’t come naturally to most of us. Learn these skills of paying attention and following directions is another of those “learn early and well” coping skills. 

You may take for granted that these qualities are important but in our Parent Notes we point out, “Much wasted time and effort, not to mention frustration and aggravation are the results of children not having mastered these skills. But is it their fault?” 
This cute fable, taking place in prehistoric times, illustrates the significant consequences of one caveman’s failure to pay attention and follow instructions when he is given two great gifts. In our real life, situations and consequences are not as dramatic as they are in this fable. Adults often assume that children will learn these skills someday, but this will only occur if adults take the time and effort to teach them.

This fable is available as full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”