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Selfish Shellfish

Selfish Shellfish


Selfishness seems to be part of our DNA. This short fable will help even young children recognize that being selfish or jealous of others are qualities that lead to unhappiness.

There are few human characteristics that seem to be “hardwired” than that of being jealousy and selfishness. This fable uses the real life behavior of crabs to illustrate how ridiculous it is for any crab or person to be either jealous or selfish. 


As with many of the fables, Cosmos Crow will show the parallels between the behavior of the creatures in the fable and our human behavior. He also points out the social cost of being selfish or jealous. In the Parent Notes, we provide Good Thinking self-messages for your children, “They are fortunate to have what they have and I don’t have to be unhappy because of what they have”, which can be useful for an eight-year-old as well as a thirty-eight-year-old. 


This story is available as a full color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”