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Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat 

Some children have a tendency to be fearful of the novel or difficult. Unfortunately, much of life’s happiness and success depends on embracing novel and difficult tasks and not being a “Scaredy Cat”. 

Fear is a needed emotion but if it is the result of your child’s “stinky thinking” it can become a limitation to their happiness and success. 

This fable allows us to see how Cosmos Crow is able to help a “Scaredy Cat” recognize that many of her fears are unrealistic and limiting. When your child says “I don’t want to do that”, they may really be saying “I am afraid to do that”. This can be a limiting factor in making new friends, trying new games, learning new and difficult subjects in school and on and on. 

One of “Coping Skills Ten Life Rules” is “I shall not let my fears determine how I shall live my life.” Too many adults have the lament, “I really regret that I never ... because I was afraid”. Use this fable to teach your children to never be a “Scaredy Cat”. 


This fable is available as full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”