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Playful Paul

Playful Paul 

Wanting to have fun and attention is normal for most children. But it has to be tempered with the reality of home and school priorities otherwise; your “Playful Paul” may be “left behind”.

“I should be able to have fun all of the time” is an example of common childhood “Stinky Thinking.” Some children seem to crave attention and find fun preferable to “work” or study. This fable is designed to help parents communicate, “It is okay to have fun but now it is time to work” … a “Good Thinking” alternative. 

All of us have known a “Paul Panda” that insisted on having fun while neglecting important tasks. What we often don’t understand that this behavior may be less about the fun activity and more about avoiding the “non-fun” activities. The fable takes place in a zoo and allows your child to see not only the concern Paul’s behavior causes his mother but the consequence of being “left behind” because of his “Stinky Thinking”. 


This fable is available as full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”