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Fussy Ferret

The Fussy Ferret 

This fable portrays the “realistic” consequences (in our imaginary animal world) of childish behaviors we see in almost all children. It is a cautionary tale about being a “Fussy Ferret”.

An unwillingness to do those things that are necessary to be happy and successful in life may seem like a minor issue when your child is young but “life” will not accept this behavior very soon. 

You may let your child’s whining and fussing annoy you to the point that you do not require them to do important tasks, or you do it for them. But what if they continue this manipulation into adulthood? 

The negative consequences of this behavior are obvious in our fable and are also obvious in the real life of adults that were allowed to be “Fussy Ferrets”. This is a fable as much for parents as their children. Too often we as parents become unintended “enablers” allowing our child’s “Fussy Ferret” stinky thinking to become habituated and their primary means of coping with life. 


This fable is available as full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”