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Character Tree

The Character Tree


Instead of always focusing on his limitations, the tree in this fable did everything possible to make himself happy and to be kind and helpful to others. Because of this, he was liked and admired by the birds and used as the example of “Having Character”.


Learning to focus on your abilities not your limitations, and engaging in kind, considerate behaviors will provide the basis of “Character”.


When most of us are faced with mistakes, failures, and frustrations, we tend to start telling ourselves things like “Why try?”, “This is too difficult”, “I will never be able to do this”, and “Others will never like me”. None of this is true but because you tell it to yourself, you start to believe it is true and your beliefs become reality.


The “sad little nut” in this fable recognizes that he is not as large or as beautiful as the “valley trees” but does the best he can with the abilities he does possess. His unselfishness and willingness to keep trying is recognized by the birds in the fable and see this little tree as one to be admired. His efforts to be the best tree he can makes him the example use by the birds to teach their children the same skills and the little tree becomes the “Character Tree” to be emulated by all.


This story is available as a full color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”