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Beeing Mean To Me

Beeing Mean to Me 


Blaming others instead of taking personal responsibility will cause your child a lot of problems but there are “Good Thinking” skills to change this behavior rather than just punishing them. 

The social skill of accepting personal responsibility is often avoided by using the excuse “You are being mean to me”. 

Everyone will see children they know in the main character, Barry Bee. Barry fails to pay attention and learn the location for the next day’s flower run. He over sleeps and then demands that others should tell him where he should go to find the flowers. Once he does find the flowers, he expects others to let him have their flowers. When the Queen Bee asks why he has such little nectar, he replies “Because they are being mean to me”. 

This fable helps with the problem of children not taking responsibility, expecting that others should remove obstacles from their lives and their willingness to blame others for problems that are obviously of their creation. It also helps you understand that parents should be patient and teach their children to evaluate a situation, select the best way to react to the situation and accept responsibly for their behavior.


This story is available as a full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”