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Asking A Question

Asking A Question 


There are some social skills that need to be learned early and well. Asking a question will be an important skill as your child starts school and for social interactions throughout their life.


The ability to use “Good Thinking” (self-talk), to develop an important social skill sometimes requires the use of Rules. The birds of our fable illustrate why there is a need for our “Question Asking Rules”

The rules for “Question Asking” provides guidance and will even “coach” the proper language to use in certain situations. Interacting with others in an effective manner is often difficult for children, that by the nature of being children are immature and “skill deficient”. The ability to “ask a question” in an appropriate manner and for an appropriate reason can help a child make a good first impression in school as well as encourage them to interact with adults. It is one of the skills that will serve them well in social situations throughout their life.


This story is available as a full-color audio enhanced flipbook containing the Fable and “Parent Notes.”