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Gold - Annual

Gold - Annual
Our price: $699.00

Purchasing an Organizational Gold Membership

Purchasing an Organizational Gold Membership is similar to the process of purchasing an individual membership.

  • Click: Gold Annual $699
  • Qty (1)    Click: add to cart
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Registration: Use the name and all contact information of the person (Administrator), responsible for selecting staff that will use the Membership.
  • For payment, select AuthorizeNet (Credit Cart) or “Invoice Me” (Invoice will be sent to Administrator).
  • Check “accept” and click “Submit Order”

The Administrator’s Bronze Membership will be Live upon receipt of the credit card purchase information or activated “Invoice Me” form.

Coping Skills LLC will send the Administrator an email requesting the email address of the staff that will be using the Bronze Memberships.

Coping Skills LLC will notify the Administrator when the Bronze Memberships are activated using the individual’s email address and “organization-specific” password.