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Bookcase Help

Using the Bookcase of “The Adventures of Cosmos Crow”

  1. Click on Open Bookcase
  2. Your bookcase will open, and you can select a story
    1. You can choose the ones used by your students’ grade
    2. You can choose any story that is relevant to an issue you want to address
  3. When the book cover appears, you can click on the Book Cover to open the story.
  4. All of the stories are Flipbooks and pages can be turned with a mouse or finger
  5. All of the Fable pages will have an “audio bar” allowing you to activate the audio as well as pause it and then continue (enabling you to discuss a particular situation)
  6. Worksheet pages also have an audio speech option. You can read and discuss the worksheet questions (suggested answers will be in the Parent Notes)
  7. The fable Rationale, contained in some stories is audio enhanced.
  8.  If time and opportunity are available, you may choose to give the Quiz and discuss the Exercise
  9. The Parent Notes at the back of each story will provide you with guidance about the topic of the story and suggested answers to worksheet questions.
  10. When complete, click the “Home Button” (Located on the first and last pages.) to return to the bookcase and exit.