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For the past 20+ years, we, the developers of “Adventures of Cosmos Crow,” have worked with troubled youth and families as well as with adult mental health and substance abuse clients. These experiences have been the catalyst of our desire to develop something that can be used with children and adults to break the cycle of irrational beliefs and the significant life problems that these beliefs can cause in school, in work, and in life.


In creating a program to teach effective Life Coping Skills, we understood that we needed something that is scientifically sound, easily accessible, non-threatening, fun, and effective.


At the core of our development process, was the opinion that the concepts of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, promoted by well-respected therapists like Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, should be the scientific basis of our program. At the same time, we also realized that we needed to have something that would be enjoyable to use, would be effective in promoting new skill development, and would be memorable. With all of this in mind, we determined that specifically designed stories (fables) would best accomplish our goals. Through the development of our website, these fables are now internet accessible and audio enhanced. This allows anyone to have easy access to our fables 24/7.


As with any development of a new skill, we realize that repartition and practice are key components to the learning and retention of life enhancing skills. Therefore, most of our stories come accompanied with an optional worksheet and quiz, as well as additional exercises, and “real world” rationale to ensure effective learning and retention of the skills taught in the fables.


For children, adult participation in the learning process is also very important. To enhance adult understanding and participation, we have included an educational section at the end of each fable labeled, “Parent Notes”, that any adult can find interesting and useful. Our Fables Lesson Plans in our Lesson Plans Bookcase will provide you with the same “guidance” we have provided to teachers and counselors when helping children develop “Good Thinking” coping skills.


“The Adventures of Cosmos Crow” is currently used in multiple school systems and treatment settings, and has been the basis of frequent speaking engagements at professional conferences and workshops. After years of use and continued research, these cognitive/behavioral “Therapeutic Fables” have proven to be effective in helping children learn the cognitive coping skills that they need to have happy, successful lives.



The reasons why we think you will be interested in using this program is:


  • The unique approach
  • The scientific validity
  • And frankly, because it is fun.


We dislike change, even change for the better. We also dislike coming to grips with our own personal inadequacies. Many times, we dislike the work that is necessary in order to change, and so do your children. Thus, the need for our fables. The characters in the fables of the “Adventures of Cosmos Crow”, often think irrationally (Stinky), their emotions are too intense or inappropriate (Not OK) and their behavior is self-defeating (Thumbs Down), much like many real-life people.


These characters also incur the negative consequences of this Stinky, Not OK, and Thumbs Down sequence. This method of learning, through characters, is less threatening than someone pointing out your own personal inappropriate (Thumbs Down) behavior. It also enables your children to be more receptive to understanding how they are the cause of many of their own personal problems.


If you want a child to remember something, make it a story. If you want them to learn how to deal with peer pressure, or to be persistent, or to be considerate, put these messages in an enjoyable story and help the child understand how to use these skills.


A fable allows us to see the situational sequence from start to finish. You see the situation, the thinking involved, how that thinking generates specific emotions and behaviors, and how those lead to the ultimate consequences. In our real lives, we are only able to see bits and pieces of this sequence.


The goal of the “Adventures of Cosmos Crow”, is for you (and your children) to be able to identify the thinking in a particular situation, evaluate it and anticipate the emotional and behavioral reactions, as well as the possible consequences. The fables allow for different “thinking” by the characters that will change their emotional and behavioral reactions and therefore, the consequences. This same process can occur in your life and your children’s lives every day.


The “Adventures of Cosmos Crow,” was honored as a featured chapter, “The Use of Metaphorical Fables with Children,” in the nationally published book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Clinical Social Work Practice, edited by Dr. Arthur Freeman (2006).


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In this flipbook, you will find: A table of Contents that allows you to choose an “issue” that is relevant to your needs, from “Bullying” to “Character” we show you the fables that will be relevant to that issue and make it possible for you to purchase fables that address that issue for only $5 for each.


“A little extra (time, money, energy) spent on the young,

saves much in the cost of frustration, heartache,

and disappointment as they grow older.”


 Cosmos will provide you with Life Rules to help your
children have the coping skills for a happy and successful life

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