Coping Skills Fables Membership


"When Children fail to learn and use Effective Coping Skills when young, it is unlikely they will as an adult."

School, Counseling Agencies, Youth Organizations

School, Counseling agencies, Youth Organizations

One-Year Membership



Our Gold Membership is for individual Schools, Organizations, Professional Agencies and Clinics that need to provide website access to multiple users. 


Schools: With a Gold Membership, all staff could have access to our materials. This would allow classroom teachers to use our fables to address typical problem issues in the classroom with our internet accessible, audio enhanced Flipbooks. Your counselors can use this website material to help problematic students be more receptive to guidance being presented in the counseling session. Parents will appreciate the ability to go to the school’s website and access your school’s Gold Membership and learn how to help their children using our fun, educational fables.


Youth Orientated Agencies: With a Gold Membership, all your staff could have access to our materials. You will make it possible for clients to access our material through your Agency Gold Membership. This will allow therapists to provide clients with “homework” that is relevant and accessible. Our website can provide material to be used in training volunteers, foster parents, scout leaders and othersin the cognitive (thinking) coping skills necessary for happy, successful lives.   


As a Gold Member your staff will:


  • Have access to 50+ Therapeutic stories available 24/7 as Streaming Flipbooks with abbreviated audio books at our website's "Bronze Membership Access".
  • Have access to Cosmos' Library with "Instructor Plans", Training Material as PDFs, Flip Books and more.
  • Have access to the Cosmos Crow Community Facebook page.
  • Receive invitations to attend various training seminars at a discounted rate.


50-Fable Audio Flipbooks Available with Membership Purchase