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"When Children fail to learn and use Effective Coping Skills when young, it is unlikely they will as an adult."

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Bronze Membership

Annual Payment $49

Bronze Membership:

Our Bronze Membership is for those that want to have an enjoyable, effective way to teach children effective coping skills … parents, grandparents, classroom teachers, scout leaders, youth ministers and more.

As a Bronze Member, you will have 24/7 access to all 50 of our audio enhanced flipbook stories. You will be able to select topic and age appropriate stories that children can read and/or listen to that will help them understand and use “Good Thinking” coping skills. You will also be able to reinforce these concepts with use of our Worksheets, Quizzes and Story Exercises.

Our “Library” will provide you with “Instructor Notes” of the stories to help you understand and use the stories effectively. Additional support materials will also be available as downloadable PDFs and other training material.

Our Facebook Page will have useful Posts from others that will provide you with insights and tips to help you teach the skills our youth need to be happy and successful.

Bronze Membership:

Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Individuals Working with Youth, etc

As a Bronze Member you will:

  • - Have access to 50+ Therapeutic stories available 24/7 as Streaming Flipbooks with abbreviated audio books that your child can use of a Smart Phone.
  • - Have access to free support and educational materials, downloadable PDFs, and more in the “Adventures Library”
  • - Have access to the Cosmos Crow Community Facebook page and learn how others are useing our website to raise happier and more successful children.

50-Fable Audio Flipbooks Available with Membership Purchase