Here are some of the tools
available with your Membership:
(Within each Story)

Therapeutic Fable: We currently have 50 stories in our “Bookcase”. Each story contains a fable that is appropriate for youth and will address most of the topics that cause life difficulties for youth (and many adults).  Humans have use fables for thousands of years to teach our religious beliefs and social customs. What we learn when presented in a fable will be remembered, possibly forever. We use the these non-threatening, enjoyable fables to make it easy for youths and adults to learn and remember the “Good Thinking” coping skills necessary for a successful and happy life. With Membership, you will have access to all of our stories containing fables and these additional learning tools.

Worksheets: In this part of a story, Cosmos Crow (fable’s narrator) discusses various parts of the fable and asks questions. The Parent Notes in the Story has suggested answers to the questions but it is not important that the children be perfect. You want them to understand that the characters could change their emotions and behaviors and the outcome of the story, by changing their thinking.

Quiz: The quiz is designed to give the child motivation to pay attention to the fable, and some immediate feedback about their understanding of the fable and its concepts. It also helps the adult see if the child understands the material or may need some additional help.

Rationale: The Rationale is Cosmos Crow's real world explanation of the fable. He explains how the character's thinking is causing the upset feelings and problematic behavior. It is Cosmos who shows that unless the thinking changes, the bad consequences that happened in the story can't be avoided. Cosmos often relates the events of the fable to real life experiences of the reader.

Exercise: Cosmos Crow has a phase, "Knowing is not doing.” He emphases in the fables that you must understand something but then you must do it. The Exercise portion of the various fables are designed to help children practice these skills.

Parent Notes: In each Story, this section helps the adult understand the concepts of the fable, provides suggested answers for the worksheet section questions and provides guidance to make the learning experience enjoyable and effective. 

Other "Tools":

  • Free educational material as downloadable PDF files 
  • Free detailed "Instructor Plans" for each story as PDF files
  • Cosmos' Corner (Facebook) for Members' support