Who is Cosmos Crow?

Who is Cosmos Crow?



 I am sure that we can all think back and remember who our childhood favorite comic book or cartoon character was. Maybe it was a Looney Tune Character, or Mickey Mouse, or a Super Hero, or even a “chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff”. Whoever it is that comes to your mind, I am sure that the thought of this character also brings up many happy memories. I am also sure that you can very easily recall reading about or watching this character and their adventures. 


Have you ever stopped to think about why these things are so easy to remember, even years later? Well to put it simply, our emotional mind is very much triggered by our imaginations and by things such as art, songs, stories, and fables. 


This is the same reason why, for many of us, we can hear a song from our past, and immediately think about where we were or what we were doing when that song was popular. Just hearing the song, brings back all of the emotional connections that were once tied to it. Kind of crazy, isn’t it? I bet you are all thinking about songs now aren’t you? 


Not surprisingly, this is also why we all tend to learn better through stories. The use of stories, fables, and parables has been around for centuries and has been utilized to teach about life, religious beliefs, and many other things. With the understanding of this whole connection, it only makes sense that we would want to use fables to help teach something as important as coping skills. And thus we have the creation of “Cosmos the Crow”. 


I am going to introduce you to Cosmos, the same way that I introduce my students and younger clients to him. For my adults and older children, the explanation is a little less involved, but for now just imagine that you are about seven years old, sitting in a second grade classroom hearing about coping skills for the first time. 


Hello, I am here today to talk to you about coping skills, and to introduce you to some stories that we are going to read together. I first want to introduce you to my friend, Cosmos. You see, Cosmos is a crow and he is the narrator of our stories. In many ways Cosmos is just a typical crow like any other, but there are also some things about him that make him quite special. 


For one thing, Cosmos loves to travel. He loves to go on adventures, traveling from one end of the world to the other. One of the things that he loves most about traveling is all of the people and animals that he gets to meet along the way.


Another really special thing about Cosmos is that he is able to learn just about any language, very quickly. Even though he is a bird, he is able to speak languages such as; shellfish, spider, monkey, squirrel, bee, and many, many more. Because he can interpret all of these languages, he is able to then share with us about all of his adventures and all of the people and animals that he meets.


Through these adventures and through some of the interesting characters that he meets, we can learn some things about ourselves and about how to make better choices for own lives. Are you ready to travel through his stories and hear about all of his adventures and lessons? Well let’s go!