Welcome to Cosmos Corner




Welcome to Cosmos Corner


Every time that I read that title, I imagine myself sitting next to a tree, lost somewhere deep in a setting similar
to the “Hundred Acre Woods”. This is probably somewhat due to my love for all things Winnie the Pooh, but
none the less, a very peaceful place to imagine. While we are not likely to talk much in this blog about my
beloved Pooh Bear, Tiger, Piglet, etc., we will have some discussions about many other animal friends (spiders,
crows, squirrels, monkeys, and many more). So I know what you are thinking, what is Cosmos Crow all about?

Well, I guess that I should back up and start by introducing myself. My name is Jamie Clark and I am a Licensed
Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). In every day terms, what that means is that I am a counselor and I provide
Private Practice Counseling to individuals, children, and families. Aside from that, I am also a wife and a
mother to two kids. Some may also know me as that crazy, supportive cheer mom, or that loud, involved
baseball mom. All of these are titles and roles that I actually wear proudly.

I have been a social worker for about 13 years, and one of the greatest things about being a social worker, is
that there are many different environments that you can work in. I started off working in school systems and
later made the transition to private counseling. Somewhere along the way, I was given the opportunity to
work with a fellow social worker, Bert Allain, LCSW, and his program, Coping Skills, LLC. When I was first
introduced to Bert and Coping Skills, I was excited about being able to use his program with my students and
clients, but what I did not realize at that time was how much both of these would come to impact my life,
personally and professionally. After many years of working with Bert and seeing the impact that his program
can have on kids, families, parents, teachers, professional counselors, and others, we have decided that it is
time to make Coping Skills, LLC available to everyone. And this is where Adventures of Cosmos Crow.com
comes in.

This website is here as a resource to all of you who are interested in, are learning about, or are already
actively using the Coping Skills, LLC materials. I will be using this blog to help educate, to hopefully entertain,
and to assist you as we all work together to build a bigger and stronger Coping Community. Visit our website
www.cosmoscrow.com and read my blogs and “test drive” two of our coping skills stories. Share these audio
enhanced stories with your children and use the skills Cosmos with teach you and them and watch both you
and your children learn to be happier and more successful.

Some of the topics coming out soon are:


-       Who is Cosmos Crow?

-       Got “Stinky Thinking”?

-       When are Emotions “Not OK”?

-       What is a Coping Community?