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"Anger and Bullying"

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What Are Coping Skills Fables?


This Membership Website is for any adult; Parent, Teacher, Therapist that wants to be able to use FUN material that will change the typical irrational thinking of children (Stinky Thinking) that causes problems at home, school and throughout their life to rational thinking (Good Thinking). They will be cooperative at home, studious at school, confident and considerate around others. We provide interesting, non-threating Therapeutic Fables and the support material allowing you to “Coach” youth the skills to be Successful, Happy, and Pleasant to be around.


Teaching “Good Thinking” skills to youth allows them the be  “In Control” and take responsibility for themselves.


Unlike the typical self-help books, the stories of “Adventures of Cosmos Crow” are audio enhanced Flipbooks that can be streamed to any internet accessible device 24/7 and each fable also allows you to select an abbreviated Audio Book version. Check out "Test Drive" and our Membership Options.


Coping Skills Fables

We studied the concepts of the popular and effective therapeutic techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and use them to teach effective Life Coping Skills in our series of Therapeutic Fables, “The Adventures of Cosmos Crow”. The stories with their fables, worksheets, quizzes and exercises make it possible for youth (and many adults) to recognize, understand and remember effective coping skills that deal with Anger, Whining, Procrastination, Anxiety, Fear, Bullying and much more.

Children will remember the situations, concepts, consequences of the story and the "Good Thinking" coping skills provided in the stories. Our Members will have access to all of our Therapeutic Stories, training material, webinars, videos, and an active membership community to help them with learning to become a “Success and Happiness Coach”

If a Child

If a child thinks they can't succeed

... they won't.

If a child thinks that others will never like them
.. they won't.

If a child thinks that school is worthless

... it is.

If a child thinks that play is more important than study

 ... it is.

If a child believes that it is okay to avoid difficult things

... they will.

If a child believes its OK to do "anything" to be accepted

... they will.

And as long as they think that way, you can't bribe, scare,
or punish
them enough to keep it from happening.



What Parents and School Counselors are saying

Over the Thanksgiving Holidays, I shared the Trying Medal story with 5 children in my family and they absolutely loved it! So far, one child has tried new foods, working on not wetting the bed, almost overcome the fear of dogs and stop biting fingernails. I love this story. Thank you so much!!!   Lee B. Parent

Dr. Nice and Mr. Nasty was used with the anger management small group.  The dialogue that was generated within the group was very interesting.  The examples are appropriate to their age and they can easily identify themselves with the story.  I liked that Dr. Nice and Mr. Nasty had worksheets, parent explanation, and quiz.  Those elements help to discuss in depth the story.  Thanks again and congratulations!  You are doing a fantastic contribution to our students’ emotional development.   Yolanda V. School Counselor​​​​​​​

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One Fable has been selected for grades K through 2nd and another for Grade 3 through 6th.


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