Easy, Fun Way to Coach Children Success and Happiness Coping Skills

Don’t wait until children's problem behaviors cause them to be unhappy at home, struggle in school 
and have poor relationships with peers.

We can help make you a Success and Happiness Coach.

For the past 20+ years, we, the developers of “Adventures of Cosmos Crow,” have worked with troubled youth and families as well as with adult mental health and substance abuse clients. These experiences have been the catalyst of our desire to develop something that can be used with children and adults to break the cycle of irrational beliefs and the significant life problems that these beliefs can cause in school, in work, and in life.


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The “Adventures of Cosmos Crow” is a collection of Therapeutic Fables that highlight various childhood issues through the various travels and adventures of our narrator, Cosmos the Crow, as well as all of the interesting characters that he meets along the way.


This method of learning, through the fable characters, is less threatening than someone pointing out our own inappropriate or self-defeating behaviors. It enables your children to be more receptive to understanding how they are the cause of many of their own personal problems as well as having the ability to solve these same problems.


Our 50 Fables are presented in our Fable Bookcase

Clicking one of the Story Icons in the Fable Bookcase will take you to a Story Page. You can click on the book cover and read or listen to the fable (Flipbook) or click the triangle on “Audiobook” and listen to audio version of the fable (great for smart phones).


Purchasing items from this Website

The Adventures of Cosmos Crow website is a place where caring adults can find tools to help children learn life coping skills that will be useful all their life. The products we make available are scientifically sound, fun and easy to use. If you will review our “Topics” section, you will recognize “Issues” that are common with most children. You will also see the fables that address these Issues.

We have three products for purchase

Life’s Coping Skills Fables Bookcase

All 50 fables are available as Internet accessible, audio enhanced Flipbooks. When you purchase this product, you will have unlimited access to your fables that are on your saved PDF file.

Life’s Coping Skills Fable Lesson Plan Bookcase

This bookcase contains a tested Lesson Plan for each fable that provide guidance to those using the various fables.

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Individual Fables can be purchased by accessing the Individual Fable bookcase and selecting the fable desired. Additional fables can be placed in the “Cart” by clicking continue shopping and returning to the Individual Fable bookcase.